What's your social justice superpower quiz for antiracist parents and educators

Calling all anti-bias parents and educators: 

Discover your unique gift for nurturing antiracist kids.

What's your social justice superpower?

Want to help kids embrace justice and diversity, but feeling uncertain about how to start? Talking about biases, racism, and injustice with adults can be challenging enough. How are you supposed to approach these topics with kids? 

The good news is that there’s no one-size-fits-all method to nurturing antiracist kids. The approach that will work best for you is the one that taps into your particular personality, talents, and knowledge.

Take this 3 minute quiz to discover what your social justice superpower is. You’ll also get a personalized action plan to help you channel your superpower into antiracist parenting or teaching.

Take this three minute quiz, hit submit, and you'll get:

🔍 insights into your strongest personality traits that can be used in service of social justice and antiracism

🎬 a personalized action plan for nurturing antiracist kids (at home or in the classroom) that is guided by your best qualities

✔️a tailored list of the children's books and antibias resources for parents and educators with your superpower, and just for fun...

🎧 a music playlist of social justice songs that match your superpower!

Teach kids about social justice

Hi, I'm Rebekah Gienapp, antiracist parenting and education coach.

I teach parents and educators to raise antiracist kids who seek justice. I wear a lot of hats: writer, religious educator, former community organizer, and mom.

Many parents and educators aren't sure how to start talking to children about race. But kids want to understand how this complex topic affects them - if we have the courage to guide them.

Through storytelling, the arts, and child friendly action ideas, kids can begin to understand complex issues including racism, poverty, and bias. And with the right support from caring adults, they can help build a different world, no matter their age. 

Do you want to teach children what antiracism and justice look like? If you're looking for support and resources as you do just that, you're in the right place.

Featured in: The Washington Post, MLK50, National Geographic, Families Embracing Diversity, PeoplesHub, U Power Change, Brownicity, BYU Radio, PBS SoCal, and Parenting Forward.

Rebekah's antiracist kids resources: what they're saying

Teaching Children About Racism | Talk About Race | Diversity for Children

"There’s so much to love about Rebekah Gienapp’s short book, Raising Antiracist Kids: An age by age guide for parents of white children. Its tons of practical advice that engage some of the most commonplace and difficult challenges caregivers face. The many stories from her personal experience as a child and mother. The accessibility of the ideas and language. The organization of the book by developmental stages. Most strikingly, Rebekah is as generous in sharing the many “mistakes” along her path to raising an antiracist son as she is with her wise advice, and in doing so she imparts arguably the most crucial lesson of all. To paraphrase Maya Angelou: do your best, and when you know better, do better. If you’re a white parent to white children and pay attention to this excellent book, you’ll do better."

Dr. Andrew Grant-Thomas, co-founder, EmbraceRace

"I am in LOVE with your site, your content, and your blog.  I am an avid follower and find myself stopping whatever I'm working on when I see your latest email hit my inbox.   Thank you for the incredible content you put together, the thoughtful reviews of books, and the important message you put out to your readers."

Tamara Johnson, creator, The Kindness Generation

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